On behalf of the Company, I confirm agreement with Karhoo’s Fleet Terms & Conditions

The conditions:

No commission

We add our share on the top of your fare. Which means that you always receive 100% of your gross fare.

Go from local to global

As part of the Karhoo family you can farm out work to our more than 3,000 fleet partners in 1,500 cities.

10 business days payment processing time

Karhoo will transfer payment by 10 business days after the completion of the ride.

Fleets are responsible for driver compliance

The company (you) shall ensure that drivers and cars are fully compliant with the law.

Keep your regular pricing

All bookings come through our partners dispatch systems using the regular prices set-up by the fleet.

Karhoo covers fraud

We cover any fraud between the user (passenger) and the fleet.

What comes next?

Our on-boarding team will contact you to help you set up your Karhoo account:

  • Service area
  • Vehicle type available (Sedan, Van.. etc.)
  • Type of rides (ASAP / Pre-booked)


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